page title icon Do your Councillors support the treaty?

Councils in hundreds of cities across the world have formally supported the UN ban treaty and called on their Governments to sign. We want Bradford to be next and are asking Councillors to pledge their support.

Councillors who are already onboard!

Cllr. Mohammed ShafiqBradford MoorLabour
Cllr. Jeanette SunderlandIdle and ThackleyLib Dem
Cllr. Julie LinternKeighley WestLabour
Cllr. Martin LoveShipleyGreen
Cllr. Kevin WarnesShipleyGreen
Cllr. Bev MullaneyThornton and AllertonLabour
Cllr. Fozia ShaheenTollerLabour
Cllr. Matt EdwardsTongGreen
Cllr. Ralph BerryWibseyLabour
Cllr. Sabiya KhanWibseyLabour
Cllr. Chris HaydenEccleshillLabour
Cllr. Hassan KhanBowling and BarkerendLabour
Cllr. Joe WheatleyBingleyLabour
Cllr. Julie HumphreysIdle and ThackleyLabour
Cllr. Karen ReganThornton and AllertonLabour
Cllr. Luke MajkowskiQueensburyIndependent
Cllr. Marcus DeardenBingleyLabour
Cllr. Margaret AlipoorClayton and Fairweather GreenLabour
Cllr. Mohsin HussainKeighley CentralLabour
Cllr. Ralph BerryWibseyLabour
Cllr. Tariq HussainGreat HortonLabour
Cllr. Caroline WhitakerCravenGreen
Cllr. Margaret AlipoorClayton and Fairweather GreenLabour
Cllr. Hazel JohnsonQueensburyLabour
Cllr. Sarfraz NazirManninghamLabour
Cllr. Taj SalamLittle HortonLabour
Cllr. Mohammed AmranHeatonLabour
Cllr. Amjad ZamanKeighley CentralLabour
Cllr. Kamran HussainTollerLabour
Cllr. Celia HicksonTongGreen
Cllr. Janet RussellCravenGreen
Cllr. Ursula SutcliffeTongGreen
Cllr. Aneela AhmedCityLabour

What is the pledge?

The Nuclear Ban Communities Pledge was created by Yorkshire CND during lock-down and is now being adopted by campaigners across the UK and beyond.

Contact your Councillors

Check the list below to see which of your Councillors is already onboard. For those that aren’t, get in touch and let them know why you think it’s important.

Councillors sign up here!

Would you like to see Bradford become Yorkshire’s first city to support the ban? Can you help to make it happen by championing disarmament in your elected chamber?