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We live in difficult times. In lock down it is more important than ever that we communicate with others and work to build a better world. Below are a list of actions you can take today, without even leaving the house.

Email your MP and ask them to back the Nuclear Ban

The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is the biggest leap forward for disarmament in a generation, but does your MP even know it exists? MPs have a thousand competing demands and can’t be experts on everything, it’s down to us as constituents to communicate our concerns to them.

Email your local Councillors and ask them to back the Nuclear Ban

The security of everyone on the planet is threatened by nuclear weapons, as a city in a nuclear weapons state Bradford is a target for the weapons of foreign powers and British nuclear weapons trundle along our motorways. Councils first duty is to the safety of their constituents and towns and cities across the world are bringing pressure to bear by calling on the Govt to sign the treaty.

Member of a Faith Community? Start the conversation

Communities of faith played a vital role during the negotiations for the UN Ban Treaty, local faith leaders continue to provide a moral voice on the threat of using Weapons of Mass Destruction on civilian populations.

Get Involved!

Together we are stronger, get in touch, get involved, we can make change happen